Waiting for Leopard to pounce

According to rumours, Mac OS X Leopard (aka version 10.5) will be out on 26 October 2007. That means we can upgrade the two Macs at home, and my sister will be able to run Final Cut Studio which we purchased a couple months ago (only then to realise it wouldn’t run on our Mac OS 10.3.9).
It will be a big jump for me, I suppose. I don’t have fancy widgets because that came with OS 10.4. So I expect to be pleasantly surprised.
Hopefully the upgrade process won’t kill me. Better backup all my Logic Pro songs. Or else I’ll really cry.
More updates: Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac will be coming out, too.


  1. Jamieson Teo

    Yeah, I can’t wait for Leopard to come out. Desktop always too cluttered with files. Looking forward to be able to ‘tidy’ it up with a mouse click. Sad to Virtual Desktop but it’ll happen sooner or later.
    And the only reason I have MS Office on my mac is to read them office attachments. Which looks like I’ll have to get the 2008 version cause the current version can’t read the latest Office for PC if they don’t save it with backwards compatibility. Ggrrrr……

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