Xiaxue’s iPhone review

Don’t get me wrong – I love my iPhone. However, I think [Xiaxue’s iPhone review](http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/2008/04/apple-users-hate-me.html) is totally hilarious and should be taken in the right spirit.

She has a point about the fingernails part, but overall her critique is nothing to get so worked up about. As much as I am a fan of Apple and other things, it’s unhealthy to associate yourself so closely with a brand that you take criticism of it as a personal insult.


  1. James L

    Nice :).
    I think she said it right. The attitude of Mac fanatics can be sickening at times, almost as bad as those scientologists.

  2. Dave

    NYT had an article about how Apple fanatics would berate any review that said anything -ve about the products, even if the review was +ve.
    Couldn’t watch the clip. The music was too irritating; the host too. šŸ˜‰

  3. Jia

    Bwahaha I had to try not to laugh out loud when I watched this, cos I was in the office. I think she said it all with this line, “People who use Apple products are too cool for nails.”

  4. Kenny Teoh

    I think Apple fanatics are misunderstood here. Yes, as with any subculture, there will always be the “fanatics” so to speak. As much as there are Hello Kitty fanatics in Harajuku and gym addicts in the wilderness of Singapore’s concrete jungle.
    But for most part, it’s just that Apple users like myself find it hard to grasp that there is something so wrong with our iPods and Macbooks. And I think a lot of users out there just find it unfair when people expect the products to come with a kitchen sink and hot showers.
    Just think about it. How many people would receive hits from reviewing a Dell Latitude M1530 laptop or a Samsung smartphone? Why does Xiaxue review the iPhone? It has sensationalism written all over it.
    When Apple releases a product, everyone expects it to be infallibly perfect. And there’s no such things as perfect. The iPhone, being the first phone from the computer maker is definitely not perfect, and I know, I have one. But compare that with the buzz from the first Microsoft Windows smartphone? Who knew what it was called? What does it look like? Nobody knows.
    I think as much as people find using Apple products cool, there are those who find it cool to critique.
    I personally use Apple products because it’s a better designed operating system. I don’t fumble and go hunting for the tiny icons and press YES/OK ineccessantly just to detach a USB device. Or get confused over the messy Control Panel each time I want to uninstall programs or change the screen setting. Everything works and some people like to pay for that kind of peace-of-mind. Some people, obviously don’t.
    But we don’t go all Jehovah’s Witness on people who don’t use Apple. Not knocking on doors and such. Users like us, just don’t want the things we enjoy using to be nitpicked. When there are more things that’s awfully wrong with the 1,000,001 products out there in the market today.
    I think Xiaxue should go review a Blackberry or a HTC Touch. And tell me if those products are NOT TOO COOL FOR NAILS too.
    But where’s the review?

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