A near accident

This evening, I was driving down the middle lane of Holland/Napier Road, approaching a large vehicle that had stopped on the left lane. The vehicles on the left lane were all signalling right to change lanes so they wouldn’t be stuck behind the large vehicle. I continued driving on…
Then suddenly a commercial van on my left swerved into my path! The driver probably didn’t check his blind spot, or assumed I would take some drastic action to avoid hitting him. I certainly hoped it was the former reason.
Now, I am the type of person who seldom screams, and likewise when I drive, I seldom sound my horn unless I really, really need to. I usually flash my headlights at oncoming traffic to remind them when I have the right of way – more a ‘glare’ than a scream.
But this time, I HORNED and HORNED even as I stepped on the brakes and turned my car slightly to the right. The van jerked away from me and swerved back to the leftmost lane, narrowly avoiding hitting me. Still, it was moving faster than I was, so it edged forward. By that time I had slowed down sufficiently for the van to cut back into my path at a less dangerous angle. I’m generally OK with people cutting into my path when they’re blocked, and if they’ve signalled their intentions.
I observed the driver as he straddled the middle and left lanes while passing the large stationery vehicle. Then I noticed his probation plate.
As I drove on, I realised that if the driver had swerved into my path and we had an accident, that driver would be in trouble. Then I realised I’ve been driving for about 8 years.
Thank God there wasn’t an accident today.


  1. marina

    Oh gosh! I’m glad you’re alright Vanessa! And I hate hate hate stupid drivers on the road like that. My pet peeve is to have drivers just cut in suddenly without signalling. Grrrr!
    Probation? He should have had his license taken away! Did you catch his number plate?

  2. Jason Ho

    Woah, glad you are writing about this and not elsewhere recovering. I do get pretty pissed at drivers cutting in my lane..unfortunately I am driving a heavy fuel guzzler and slow like several turtles vehicles out there…so I can’t to the Subaru WRX STI move and cut them back… πŸ™
    Great to know you are doin fine.. πŸ™‚

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