My iPhone 3G!

iPhone and box
Yes, I finally did it. I am now the proud owner of a 3G iPhone, 16GB. I chose black, even though the 8GB model only comes in black, because while white looks unusual, I might get tired of it. Black is strong and suits me fine.
Activating the iPhone 3G
My SingTel salesperson let me take photos as he activated the new iPhone. He also told me that SingTel has sold 15,000 iPhones so far, which is good by Singapore standards.
Any chance of M1 and Starhub coming out with it soon? Not in the near future, I was told … and it did make sense since other Telco companies in partnership with Apple haven’t lost their exclusive hold on iPhones in other countries, either.
Fits into new iPhone
As you can see, my old iPhone and new iPhone were getting acquainted. I heard the iPhone 3G was less ‘anal retentive’ in being able to accept third-party earphone jacks.
What I liked the most was that backed up data from the old iPhone was transferred seamlessly to the new iPhone. Not only were all my extra Apps installed, they were arranged in the same order. On top of that, when I opened my French dictionary app, it displayed the last verb and tense that was conjugated! So it recalled my last move on the app on the previous phone, and transferred that detail to the new phone. Amazing.
Bugs noticed: Apps quit suddenly. This is with firmware 2.0 and I am upgrading to 2.0.2 to see if it improves things. Too early to notice anything wrong with the 3G connection, because there’s wireless in school and at home. Will update this post if I have time and if something’s serious enough.