Installing Mac OS Leopard

I am glad to report that Leopard finally arrived at my doorstep a day later than promised… but it made up for it by being so darned easy to install. I started with my iMac G5 and there were no problems.
The package.
Leopard box
What was inside.
Selecting a hard drive.
It was just that to be safe, the system checked the DVD for consistency before proceeding with the installation. That took quite some time. For my subsequent upgrade of my PowerMac G5, I skipped that function.
It hung on my PowerMac though, which got me worried. On restarting, the system hung again probably because it was trying to boot in Leopard which wasn’t installed yet. I managed to restart the PowerMac and immediately eject the DVD. Then I realised my external hard disk could be making things complicated so I turned it off as well. Immediately, the system started up, and I installed Leopard without a hitch.
What I thought was cool:

  1. How my PDF and Office document icons suddenly took on their own individual look, displaying their contents.
  2. Similarly, Quick View was handy when flipping through my music scores and notes.
  3. I like how I can select a section of a website in Safari and it will display it as a widget.
  4. Coming from OS10.3.9 I finally got to play with Apple widgets. Goodbye, Yahoo! Konfabulator.
  5. The stacked documents in the Dock is useful. If I used a Mac for work, I’d arrange all my projects this way.
  6. Finally, I was able to install The Missing Sync for my HTC Touch (Windows Mobile 6) phone! Needed OS10.4 or above to do so.
  7. The latest version of iLife came with Leopard! Woohoo.
  8. This is one of my favs: Time Machine. A bit slow because I have so many files to backup, but I think it will give me a sense of assurance. Assuming my external hard disk doesn’t die, like it did for Kevin’s.
  9. Things look a bit better than before. Like the icons and the Dock.
  10. Full screen video preview.

I don’t have much time to play around with it today as I’m now doing some paperwork… but will definitely get round to it!
What are *your *favourite features?