Returning my MacBook Pro

America has a glorious ‘return’ culture that I’m not accustomed to. Still, I have a good reason to return my newly-acquired MacBook Pro. At the Apple Store, we had a big discussion with our salesman on whether to get a glossy or matte screen. As our salesman was also an electronic musician, he understood how difficult it can be to look at a glossy screen in the outdoors where it reflects light. So he kept recommending a matte screen.
However I knew I would also be using my MacBook Pro to view photos and videos. I asked if there was a screen protector that could also take away the shine – and he Googled and found such a screen!
So… actually I could have the best of both worlds – both a glossy screen (indoors when doing photo and video editing, where it looks brilliant) and when working outdoors I could put on a screen protector. As time was running out – I had to rush back for Mark Zuckerberg’s infamous keynote at SXSW – we paid up and dashed back to Downtown Austin.
When I took the MacBook Pro to my hotel room to charge, the lighting was dim and I was so enthralled by it that I did not notice it was not glossy.
Only the next day at a SXSW did I realise it, when I sat next to a guy with the same MacBook Pro but with a glossy screen. The difference was remarkable. I called the Apple Store but my salesman had already left for the day. So I spoke to his colleague who said there’d be a 10% charge (over US$200) for opened items.
If so, that would defeat the whole purpose of me buying a MacBook Pro from the States (where I saved money due to the weak US$). But I did ask for a glossy screen and did not get one. He said as it’s their mistake, mayyybe they’d waive the fee. He can’t guarantee it, he has to get his manager to make the decision.
So now I’m heading back to the upmarket The Domain and hoping that the Apple Store there will be empathatic and provide me with the product that I want. If they insist on charging me the opening fee, I’d say forget it. The matte screen is OK but I’ll just be disappointed that my salesman made this mistake.
I took the MacBook Pro, back in its box and whatever wrappings I hadn’t yet thrown away, to the Apple Store. I couldn’t find my original salesman nor the guy I spoke to on the phone. However, a third salesman was there, consulted his manager and managed to waive the charges for me. Feeling happy, I bought a couple more Apple accessories to further protect my new MacBook Pro and extend my iPhone.
And yes – I took my second MacBook Pro out of its box and can happily confirm it has a glossy screen!


  1. Benjamin Koe

    Is the glossy screen really better? My MBP is a matt screen and I’m actually an advocate of matt screens because even indoors you can get irritating reflection of lights.
    Why does a glossy screen look better? Isn’t the pixel count the same? I’d actually like to put our MBPs side by side to see the difference. =)

  2. vantan

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the tip. I may upgrade the RAM later… 2GB is probably OK for now. Is it still cheaper to order from the US and pay postage? I was thinking of just going to SGL at Sim Lim.
    Yes, the glossy screen makes pictures look even better!
    And wait till I demo how the new multi-touch trackpad works. I love swiping my fingers and making things happen!

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