Leaving for Tuscany

I’ll be back in Italy tomorrow afternoon. My church friend and Alpha coursemate Jeanne is getting married in Tuscany, and I’m singing in the choir!
I was all revved up to go. We were practicing our singing for several weeks. I even bought something green to wear – green’s the theme and I hardly had anything green in my wardrobe! However, I just had a nasty scare because I didn’t read my flight details carefully.
I thought I was going to travel with 3 other church friends all the way. They had booked their tickets earlier than I had, but I managed to get the same flight leaving Singapore. The flight would stop at another European city, then fly down to Rome. From the Rome airport, we would take a shuttle to the train station, and from there, take the train to Siena.
Then I realised that we were on different flights leaving for Rome! I would arrive over 2 hours later than them. So I will now have to figure my own way from the Rome airport to the shuttle, then to the train station. I’m not entirely confident that I will overcome language problems, but I’ll point at words in my travel documents.
What a bummer. It would be more fun sitting on the train for a few hours if my friends were with me. But it’s not like I haven’t done this many times before as a student , 10 years ago. I can do it again. I’m fine with being on my own as I can explore the place at my leisure. In any case, He is always with me and He’s seen me through much more harrowing times. VanPod and a good book will keep me company.
This afternoon I’ll try calling the airline office to see if they can bump me ahead for the earlier flight, so I can travel with my friends. I doubt they can do much.
Aww I’ll stop moping. There’s still much packing to be done. It’s a storm in a teacup. Soon I’ll be basking in the Tuscan sun!


  1. NTT

    The shuttle from Rome Airport to the train station should be very easy to find. There are many companies running shuttles, and there are shuttles leaving every 10mins. And all the instruction are in English… Njoy.

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