iMac hangs on startup

Calling all Mac experts! I’m having the same problem that Andy Budd had – the family iMac has been unable to get past the startup screen. The blue loading bar looks like it’s 95% complete but it just hangs there. Even when starting in Safe mode, it hangs at exactly the same spot. I can’t get beyond this stage to type anything.
I, too, checked out the Apple Support site and did more Googling, but have yet to find a solution. It is not reassuring looking at people’s forum posts and not getting any replies so far that have helped!
What may have happened is that a software update was recently attempted, but it was not successful/complete. The iMac’s running OS10.3.9 (the last I recall). Since then, the iMac has been hanging on startup. The iMac uses a G5 and not an Intel processor. It’s the older version without the built-in iSight.
I tried calling AppleCentre Orchard’s support line as we bought it from that store a couple years ago, but it is closed today. Any other ideas as to what I can do? In any case, I will probably call the store tomorrow.
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  1. divya

    I had the same trouble with my ibook after an incomplete update.
    I think “resetting” the system and repairing it with the mac boot cd worked.

  2. Patricks

    Did you try booting into single-user mode? If not, try that and see if it takes you to a command prompt. If it doesn’t it may at least give you some error message during the boot process that may help with a diagnoses.
    How to boot into single-user mode:
    A successful single-user boot will leave you with a prompt, above which are instructions for running ‘fsck’ to do a repair. If you’re not sure what to do orr aren’t comfortable, you should be able to do a bit of Googling and find step-by-steps on some of this troubleshooting.
    Good luck with it!

  3. vantan

    Divya – Thanks. I used the boot CD and repaired the disk, but the system kept hanging whenever I tried repairing disk permissions.
    On reboot, the loading bar did move faster, but still hung at the last 95% – “Login Window Starting…”
    Pat – Thanks. I went into single user mode and did a fsck -f check. It detected two errors and repaired them.
    However, when the iMac booted up, it still hung at 95%.
    🙁 I have no idea what else to do. Anyone else have any more ideas?

  4. modcentric

    Hi, this has happened to my imac as before (mine is a G4). In my case, I find it’s always linked to those darn software updates. Usually I have to do a blanket reset of the system, and reinstall the OS. I suppose its like starting on a fresh slate. Not advisable if you haven’t regularly backed up your files though.
    Hope all goes well with your imac! =)

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