I bought an iPod!

Public service announcement: I bought an iPod.

Actually, make that two. There was an offer at the IT Fair at Suntec City where you could purchase a 40GB iPod for the normal price, and an additional 15GB iPod would be yours for just S$200 more. So I decided to give my little sister a present 🙂

Playing around with it for the past two hours has given me mixed feelings. What I like about my iPod:

  1. Its pristine, white exterior and slender body makes me feel so good that I went into hours of euphoria.
  2. No moving parts! And the dial. And the little ticky sounds it makes.
  3. Of course, the fact that it now works with PCs.
  4. Also the fact that I bought the second, 15GB iPod for only S$200 (that’s US$117 to you, bud)
  5. The expandability options / accessories it has (though I wish some were inbuilt).
  6. Forty gigabytes, baby.

What I don’t like / questions to work out:

  1. I nearly had to purchase a separate USB cable so I could connect it to my PC (in the end I got it as a free gift). They shouldn’t penalise PC users who want to give Apple products a shot. Can’t they include the cable for free, by default?
  2. No playing of music while charging and loading songs in the dock? Still trying to figure this one out.
  3. Why is iTunes ripping my CD tracks into a non-MP3 format? There are now too many different formats on my computer and it’s a mess. Thanks to Kristian for the tip! Everything’s back in order.
  4. The cost of changing the internal battery at Apple’s Service Centres.
  5. The same problem with any other steel surface: fingerprints.
  6. The fact that, even after properly ‘ejecting’ my iPod, I get warnings that I had unsafely removed my device. (Windows compatibility error?)
  7. When, just when can non-US users purchase music??
  8. [Update: It’s rumoured (?) that an iPod has been used by a woman to bludgeon her boyfriend to death for erasing 2000 of her MP3 files. Hmmm.]

Apart from that, I really am happy with my purchase.


  1. Kristian

    Look under in your iTunes preferences under the import tab, there’s an option to use an mp3 encoder instead.

  2. Queenie

    bwahaha!!! welcome to the world of ipod…my old (and heavy) trusty Foofie (yes, my ipod has a name) is glad that u have joined our ranks…altho Foofie is a mac thoroughbred. *rubs hands in glee* — yaaayy to ipods. oh – u may want to change the earbuds, the apple ones are’nt very power.

  3. Juice Addict

    and i envy you. i want an iPod myself but im not succumbing to the temptation now until i make sure that it is not going to end up as a fashion accessory in my bag or something. No…

  4. Varian

    Bit late i know, but Queenie’s right. Try the (approx.) $99 Sennheiser PX200 if you don’t mind headphones. Foldable and comes with a portable carrying case. Sonically pairs very well with the iPod. Cheers!

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