MacBook Air = chick magnet

Yesterday evening, [Walter](, [Ivan](, [Lucian]( and I met for dinner and drinks at [Brussels Sprouts](, a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.
In the midst of our conversations, I whipped out my iPhone and demonstrated all the things I could do with it, like taking photos, checking emails, strumming a guitar and recording music on a keyboard (which Ivan liked).
Lucian then unsheathed his MacBook Air. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed…
… and within two seconds (or thereabouts), a pretty waitress appeared beside him and asked him about it. “Is that the…?” “How much does it cost?” and so forth.
After the damsel was furnished with his expert answers, she gave an excited squirm which I interpreted as “Ooh!!! I wish I had one too!!”, and went back to waitressing other tables.
Lucian’s blog has been a magnet for some of my friends in the past, who swooned over the [love messages]( he wrote for his then-fiancee, now his wife. Now it appears that the knight may have a new piece of shining armour in his arsenal.
Luminescent, indeed 😉


  1. vantan

    Glad you like my choice of word 😉
    I purposely used it because it allows all sorts of interpretations.

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