1. Queenie

    Well, reverse it somewhat and back up everything on your PC’s hard drive TO the ipod. *Smug look* then you are safe. Heh. But, you can’t possibly want to stuff all your music on your ipod?
    You should’ve seen me at the IT Fair. All ready to slap down S$1148 for 2 ipods. Crazed look in my eyes. I don’t gamble, but am so easily seduced by techie stuff. *sigh* Someone literally had to hold me and he said, ‘ No!! You are not going to be frivolous with your purchases.’ Showed him your sms, and I think, he could have made u his best friend on the spot, for dissuading me.
    Walked away with sensible purchases of Sandisk card reader and some CF cards. Thanks for the advice, babes. I’m sticking to ol’ 10Gig Foofie (with no recording — bah, I can’t bear to listen to mono after our excellent MD recordings of law lectures..).

  2. stef

    i’m sure you can other forms of storage πŸ™‚ like queenie says. but to be honest, i had a little chuckle πŸ˜‰

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