American Idol wild cards

I finally watched a (nearly) full episode of American Idol tonight. The wild cards who were given a second chance weren’t all that bad, though some were obviously better than others.
A quick run-through of how I think each of the eight fared:
Jon Peter Lewis. Before I heard him sing, I thought, wow, he looks like a cross between Beck and a hobbit. Unfortunately performance-wise I didn’t think he had the X-factor – it was just off a notch. I didn’t get to watch his supposedly groovy moves, because I had already walked out of the room, unable to bear seeing him standing still in the first 10 seconds of his song in a grungy outfit.
Elizabeth LeTendre. I think her singing was OK but memory fails me. Frankly I have forgotten what the rest of her performance was like.
George Huff. One of the few things against him is he looks a little goofy (did you see his parents, though?). He reminded me of Urkel, the gawky guy with the big spectacles in Family Matters. But that makes him memorable. He also has an amazing voice, a positive attitude, and good stage presence. He will make it.
Katie Webber. Ah, I thought she was rather pretty, though I had to supress the urge to laser off that distracting mole on her cheek. From what I understand she took previous criticism well, and improved her act. She had good stage presence, too. I could tell she enjoyed herself. However, there is just one small problem: She couldn’t hit the right notes all the time. She’s a maybe – with more voice training she might be able to make it.
Leah LaBelle. Didn’t like her. She’s still young and has potential, but I don’t think this is her day. I also didn’t like how she continued griping about Simon. The man’s not the nicest guy on the block, but I think he gives pretty sharp advice. She should be mature enough to take feedback positively rather than shut out the words she doesn’t like to hear, because at this stage in her life, she should grow.
Suzy Vulaca. She was the best female singer, though Jennifer runs a close second. She had stage presence; she chose a song which probably meant something to her in this show; she took Simon’s advice well and he appreciated the effort. She has power and accuracy in her voice… and she looks a bit like Diana Ross. And – Paula liked her top. I think she could do a Whitney Houston much better than Katie. I can imagine her face on a few albums already.
Jennifer Hudson. I think she has a wonderful personality. She also has power, though it did fluctuate slightly. She picked a very good song to demonstrate her range and volume. I thought the pink dress slagging by Randy and Simon was overdone, but she could carry off something more fanciful next time. She will make it.
Matthew Metzger. Ugh. I’m sorry, but he didn’t have a great voice, and he didn’t pick a good song either. He didn’t have enough power and pitch to pull it off, and it was a waste as the chorus could have been tremendous. I’m thinking he could have chosen something a little warmer and jazzier. However, he does have a nice smile. He could be a face model.
So I have three strong favourites, and one wild card of wild cards.


  1. joan

    i agree with all your comments! My sis and I were trying to put a finger on who George Huff looked like, and my sis came to the same conclusion as you! And i agree wholeheartedly! haha!
    To quote Ian “Dicko” Dickson, one judge in Australian Idol who was the Aussie Simon Cowell (but nothing beats Simon!), Matthew Metzger has the G-force – the girls, grannies and gays! (incidentally, Dicko made this comment for this contestant who was also named Matt!)

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