The iPhone log!

OK, at the time of writing I haven’t bought one yet. But I’ll do so in the morning. I’ve already got a couple of Apple Stores I’m gonna visit, and hopefully a new stock of 16GB iPhones will be there and I’ll finally get my hands on one.
I will update this post when the deed is done! Stay tuned!
[Note to self: Now that you’ve gone and blogged this, you really better get the iPhone or you’re gonna look like a loser. Then again, the Americans have already seen the iPhone for the past year, and the hardcore Singapore geeks would already have cracked their own, so this is really meant for every other reader who is somewhat interested but not *so* interested that they’ve already gone one.]


  1. JS

    Hi Van,quick get the 16GB iPhone and post it online. btw, can chk when the 3G version will be out?

  2. vantan

    JS, it’s better to check out websites like or The Apple Store people at one branch didn’t even know if they had new iPhone stock sitting in their storeroom! They probably know as much as you and I … Steve Jobs ain’t letting any big news out like that so easily.

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