Rip roarin’

Remember the problem I had with hard disk space? I tested out a theory today and it solved my problem.
Since my iPod (hereafter known as VanPod) also serves as a spare hard drive, why not reassign my iTunes music folder on my PC, to a directory in VanPod itself?
So I copied all my music files from my PC to a folder in VanPod. I reconfigured my iTunes settings. At first, nothing seemed to register. I exited iTunes and started it again. Voila!
Now when I rip my CDs, the music files get stored directly and immediately onto the ‘hard drive’ section of the iPod. These files can be restored to a computer (when I get a bigger hard drive). The files are then synchronised with the ‘music playing’ section of the iPod, which I heard is copy-protected(?).
Basically, it’s like shaking hands with yourself.
However that does mean I have reduced VanPod’s capacity to 50% since these files are duplicated. I seriously doubt I have that many CDs left to rip, though. And hopefully by the time I do, I’d be on a new G5 Mac anyway (yes I have decided to Switch, after the house is rebuilt).


  1. jim

    yeah its “linked” to your computer…so songs sync to your VanPod are not “easily” retrieved if the mirror is not in the system. but there are 3rd party softwares that allow you to extract tracks from your Pod.
    what i do is create playlist so that i only sync in songs i want to listen to but not every single one.

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