A podcast on … podcasting!

Finally, a new podcast episode from yours truly! This is specifically about podcasting gear with reference to yesterday’s Podcamp demo. I’m just crazy about the different types of gear that can be used for podcasting.

As podcasts can sound naked without music, I just composed and produced a track in about an hour. I don’t use any loops or samples, so this is entirely original. Hope it has a bit of what everyone likes listening to, with my own style in it as well.
Also I wanted to show that if you have an iPod, you can get a really decent microphone. I didn’t enhance my voice in the podcast, so this is the quality you can get with portable devices. The possibilities are mind-blowing. The gap between professionals and amateurs is nearing to zero.
And if you’ve been listening, this is the (healthy) food podcast I mentioned. New episodes coming out, hopefully in a month’s time. I’m working on it…


  1. malique

    wow the sound quality is superb! all this on a micromemo? whats the damage like in sing dollars?
    “infrequent episode of” haha that cracked me up.

  2. Dominik

    Funky music. 🙂
    And the quality with the microphone is amazing. I tried podcasting once with a cheap headset and it was so far from that. Plus, I don’t have your endearing accent, so I stopped after one try.. 😉

  3. vantan

    Thanks guys 🙂
    Miccheng, I didn’t know you were the guy behind the site! I’ve seen it before.
    Malique, that phrase just came into my mind spontaneously, but I realised it was true! I hardly podcast. Maybe I should record more episodes if you guys like it.
    Dominik, I was actually a bit insecure about my ‘Singaporean accent’, so thanks for the reassurance! 🙂
    To clarify, my VOICE was recorded using the Micromemo while my music was produced separately and recorded directly into my Mac.
    However, I purposely did not enhance my voice so you can get an idea of the sound quality with a relatively affordable device. The list price is US$59.95 but I got it on sale in Singapore at an Apple Store. It’s good if you already have an iPod.
    Here’s another sample of the Micromemo’s recording quality.

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