What’s your digital IQ?

Test your digital IQ with this Flash-based quiz (nope, you can’t jump back to the previous question). I scored 178. Warning: for some answers, you get points deducted.
A few things I did with my Nokia 6600 yesterday: Assign voice commands to activate my camera and call various people, including the police; shoot numerous videos of my golf swing; activate Bluetooth; create a wallpaper on my PC which I then transferred to my phone’s multimedia card; update my currency convertor.


  1. QTip

    I took the quiz, you don’t even want to know my score! Let’s just say I need some *serious* brushing up in that area…:)

  2. vantan

    I recently switched to Firebird, and just got the same message. Hmm. Notice how they use a stylesheet for Netscape (NN7.css) on that page, yet don’t bother ensuring their quiz can load in standards-compliant browsers.
    Their error message should read the other way round: “Sorry. Our feature is not compatible with your browser.”

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