Microsoft speech recognition

I received a new laptop last week.
Naturally, I’ve been trying out all the features and software…

would you believe I’ve hardly had to do any typing ? Almost everything in this blog post was written using Microsoft’s speech recognition software.
the only problem is , speech recognition is limited to Microsoft software. So I am blogging this in Internet explorer seven .
It’s not perfect , but I’m impressed . It seems unable to recognize the word blow block blog. let’s see if it can recognize other terms like fire folks Firefox. Nope.
how about web standards ? [all right]
how about global global local Google? Nope …
the other thing is , punctuation is a little tricky . You can’t say , “full stop” because this is American . You have to say PERIOD (this is typed). however , I was pretty impressed with the double quotation marks recognition .
in any case it gets most of the woods corrects. In time the software will the many rice familiarize itself with my voice after frequent use . Then it will find you find to you and fine [tune] itself and hopefully there will be less strike throughs.

OK, I’ve started typing again. Interesting, eh? Didn’t know there was such software in Windows Maybe it was because I just downloaded an Office 2003 trial.
[Update: I’ve just discovered an option that allows you to apply speech
recognition to non MS software. I’m now updating this post using
Performancing for five oaks your folks Firefox, with a combination of typing and speech recognition. overall this is cool. yahoo! ]
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