Alpha Live

I went for the Alpha talk at Fullerton Hotel to see Nicky Gumbel. He was good. Funny. Took photos with new phone. Don’t have laptop, so can’t beam it, and am too tired to take out the multimedia card in my phone and connect it to PC, so no photos for now. Realised that if not for Alpha, I’d have quit Christianity. Was planning to leave the Church a couple years ago. I never totally believed in it, anyway, and I felt what I stood for was not condoned, and I wasn’t going to surrender my own notions of life to suit God’s purpose.
So, Alpha was good because it turned me around. In Alpha they don’t talk down to you or force you to accept God, and amazingly, it isn’t boring. So you don’t feel unworthy, or unwanted, or unloved. If the facilitators don’t know the answer, they’ll say they don’t know. They won’t make things up along the way, or point fingers and say, ‘YOU are a sinner!’ (we all are, anyway). You may also get to meet very nice friends.
So if you’ve heard of Alpha, why not give it a try. It’s non-denominational (though started by an Anglican), and it won’t cost you a cent. God bless and goodnight.


  1. QTip

    Gumbel. U know he was a barrister? I was invited at the last minute but have seen him on videotape…I’m an Alpha-ite too! (‘Alphie’?) Twice actually, second was with a friend. Yes, if you ( blog reader) have yet to try, do go…it’s a great opportunity to discuss those questions about the Christian faith in a non-threatening environment. Ppl from all walks of life, various stages of faith..and there is always fun, food, fellow/friendship!

  2. andrea

    I was ‘invited’ to a dinner a few years ago that turned out to be a recruiting drive for Alpha. That totally turned me off. I don’t believe in organised religion anyway.

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