Introducing the iPod Photo

iPod with Photos
The rumours were true. Apple has just launched the iPod Photo with a ‘razor sharp LCD display’.
No doubt this new iPod interface looks rather pretty – more similar to the Mac OS X interface. But somehow I don’t think this model will sell as well as its predecessors. I don’t want to look at photographs from a small screen, knowing that would sap my precious iPod battery power.
The Apple website says this new iPod gives you up to 15 hours of continuous music. If you add in the slideshow, however, it goes down to 5 hours.
And so I’m sticking with VanPod, through thick and thin (though being the 3rd generation 40GB model it’ll remain on the thick side), because playing music is what it does best.
Anyway, speaking of iPods. Apple just sent me a notice saying my one year iPod warranty is ending and would I like to purchase AppleCare? I’m OK with forking out S$99 for two years’ coverage. I would love to hear testimonials from any readers (good and bad) about AppleCare. Above all, I’d like to find out if my iPod battery can be replaced preferably free of charge, under this warranty.


  1. karen

    wow, i tot you were kidding when i read your sms … this looks so hot !!! But I really want the U2 Black IPOD !!! Matches my phone, my er, black clothes … and black shoes … etc

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