VanPod IV is in da house

Collected it today. Not bad… buy one iPod and get two free replacements. 

It’s now sitting in its white dock, slurping 34GB of music files into its hard drive.

The tech support guy told me that if I want my iPod’s hard drive to be readable on PC and Mac, I must first format it on a PC. So I did that. Let’s see if his advice works. Then at least I can back up my files as well.

I got to see the difference between the old and new video iPods. The new model has a brighter screen. “Won’t that suck up battery power?” I asked. No, the new model also has a more powerful battery that can be charged more quickly.

Very tempting, but I am going to hold out just in case that full-screen video iPod proves to be more than a rumour.

[“Videos!” roar the protestors in Van-land. “We want videos!”]

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