Google Reader – a great revamp

I relied on software like Feedreader (PC), Netnewswire Lite (Mac) and most recently, the powerful Omea (PC) for reading feeds on my computers.
On the move, I used Bloglines, which was comprehensive but just too slow. There haven’t been any major improvements to the interface in quite some time. Kinja was pleasant to look at, but simply too lightweight for me. Rojo was my favourite, for reading news rated by other people. Then Six Apart bought it and things haven’t been the same since – it’s been confusing and buggy.
So what’s a feed-crazy person like me going to do?
I heard Google Reader vastly improved its usability, so I took a look. It was really much more powerful than the previous, simplistic version. Yet it was fast and easy to use. It could contain all my feeds just like Bloglines could (except Google Reader still doesn’t have search capabilties though that’s probably just a matter of time).
See the Google Reader blog’s latest post – they’ve tweaked it even more.
Maybe my OPML’s here to stay …
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  1. Kevin

    A lot of people seem to be switching over to Google Reader, even from NetNewsWire. I’m still sticking to NNW though, since I’ve got a bunch of persistent searches going in there. Still, Google Reader does make it convenient to read feeds, especially if you’re working on more than one computer!

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