A parting shot

Today I realised I’m definitely not an MGS girl, as I just seared two of my fingers trying to iron my dad’s shirt. Since I’m nowhere near marrying well (or marrying, period!), and since I don’t think I’m too ‘boring’ a person, I’m starting to wonder if I really belong to my alma mater SCGS either. Where on earth did my white blouse go??
Anyway, kudos to the group of old Raffles girls who set the record straight and spoke up on other schools’ behalf. This stereotyping is getting a little overplayed, I mean, who’d expect a follow-up article with caricatures (not included in the online version, so the last few lines won’t make sense).
I’m starting to wonder if it all began like this:
Editor: Our Forum page is getting a little skimpy. Singaporeans have run out of things to complain about! EZ-Link, GST, slimming pills, rude taxi drivers… we’re all getting blasé!
CMH: I know! I’ll write a silly article with very little substance in it, bash my own alma mater and maybe a few other schools as well, making use of my limited (and rather negative) knowledge of friends’ experiences, to illustrate each point.
Editor: Brilliant! Everyone will get so riled up, that the letters will just come pouring in!
And so the story goes…
[Note: Articles on the ST website may expire 7 days after publication. Money talks, y’know.]


  1. tiggie

    haha you make me smile.
    Van! you aren’t BORING!!! c’mon….
    stereotypes are for those who can’t be bothered with actually trying to know what/who a person is ….it’s just too time-consuming….

  2. Van Heng

    Hey Van, the caricatures are available online. There’s a little box which says “Guess which schools these students are from” or something like that – click on that and you get to see them. I’m glad those RGS girls wrote in and defended not just them, but us and the MGS girls too.

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