A day in the life of…

This morning, I left home a little earlier so I could post a Chinese New Year card to Little Dan as promised. Then I headed towards the bus stop, only to find that I’d forgotten to put my farecard back in my wallet. I decided to go back home to retrieve it.
While I was waiting for the traffic lights to change, someone came up next to me and I realised it was Winnie, one of my juniors from university. We both confessed we were late for work, and we ended up talking rubbish just like in the old Bristol days. Just as we were crossing the road, I saw my bus pulling up to the bus stop – which I had just left.
Classic Murphy’s. It would usually take 20 minutes or more for the next bus to arrive, which would make me VERY late. After picking up my farecard, I stepped out of the house and it started to rain on me at once. It was like having ‘LOSER’ written on my forehead.
I decided to take a taxi. Fortunately, despite the rain I arrived at the office in just ten minutes. Then the fun began. I discovered I had to complete two interactive ecards in just as many days, preferably. I didn’t think that was very fair, so I wrote something rude to my boss.
Just before hitting ‘send’, I rephrased the email.
Then I rephrased the rephrased email.
It sounded a little more polite, so I sent it off. My boss reviewed the deadline and gave me until early next week to complete the Flash. Hallelujah.
After sulking my way through work, grappling with Actionscript beyond the depths of my comprehension, my mum called and we went out for dinner. I had half a plate of Yu Sheng to myself, which was good. I bought a birthday present for Weihui, and some more books for myself.
Not that I have time to read them until I complete my Bible Studies homework AND church website.
Now I’ve just received a nice email from a new reader. Hooray.
Make my day. Please.


  1. vantan

    Combine irritation with a heavy dash of sarcasm sprinkled with a tone of incredulity at the lack of understanding of the amount of effort required, and you’ve got the recipe for my original letter.

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