New changes

Hi folks, it’s been an amazing two weeks and I think I really needed a break. But it’s good to be back – despite the backlog of work at the office.
I just had a meeting with my managing director. My new job title is going to be ‘Design Technology Advisor’, which is quite a mouthful, so when I introduce myself or fill up a form I might just stick to ‘web designer’. It’s not a promotion per se because I’m not becoming a senior web designer (anyway we already have one who’s *kickass*), and I’m not getting a raise, so no need to bring out the champagne.
I am happy however that I may now have a better change of learning, researching and experimenting in a field I enjoy, although most people at the office don’t know about the role yet, and I’m still getting web design projects and have loads of updates to make. It will definitely take some time to facilitate this transition and change the general mindset here in the office.


  1. kim

    You are Web Technology Advisor!! Yay, baby! I should congratulate you anyway, and I look forward to receiving more sound/unsound advises from you at/outside work 🙂
    Got to bear with my endless questions though.
    Keep smiling!

  2. Queenie

    wah! so hi-tech the name. sounds like army/DSTA type of name. coolness tho. good to have u back. escaping bringing out the bubbly or wine.(red preferred)….guess we wait till it’s your Upcoming Birthday Celebration to down it. hee hee hee….

  3. stef

    welcome back and i’m glad you had a good break. as for the new job title, that’s cool. as long as you get to learn and grow.

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