Working with a designer

I think my rights as a web designer have been blatantly disregarded of late, so allow me to draw some attention to an article on how (NOT) to work with designers. Better communication, understanding and support = better creative output, I say.
Cheers to Kottonwool Kim for mentioning this article.
As for me, I think I need to be firmer in my decision-making and not allow other people to keep on changing their schedules. I was spoon fed at Eyeball, with my schedule all planned out by the web coordinators. Now I have more independence – tempered by a greater propensity for panic attacks. What I do (until I find a more meaningful vocation) often lands me smack at the end of the production line, so if content isn’t in on time or clients change their minds, I’m screwed.
It isn’t fair.
Back to the church website *yawn*.


  1. Electrin

    Working with supposedly tech-savvy people ain’t much better. They butt in with Dreamweaver (oh the nerve!) and change the content and layout of the original site behind my back. Keeping up with what seems to be a dynamic website and having to redesign it at the same time is driving me mad.

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