Update for the week

I’m still busy but thought I better update this blog at least once a week!
I’ve been attending weddings the past few weeks, and two hen lunches for colleagues. If you’re a Facebook friend you may get a glimpse of the silly things we made them do.
For some reason, I’ve been falling asleep very easily in the evenings (no alcohol involved). Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe it’s the rainy weather. Or maybe it’s because my complexion gets better when I sleep more, and I’m becoming more vain.
I’ve finally faced the fact that I will have to wrap Christmas presents. I was thinking that if I went to sleep now, I’d wake up earlier and be able to do it in the morning, which is an even worse idea as I am not much of a morning person. So I will get down to this after updating this blog.
I’m happy to report that since my last post, a few more people have purchased the Thinking Cap which I designed, on Cafepress.com. It is quite encouraging! If someone’s been publicising this, thank you.
I just got in touch with one of my mentors and it was very encouraging to hear from him. All this time I wasn’t sure if I should call, but it was simply a matter of asking. It brought back some fond memories and reminded me of the days when I was really creative, making back-end systems more usable and pretty, and designing public-facing websites for MNC clients.
Musically this will be a busy month for me as well. I’ve agreed to play piano for several Christmas carols at St George’s Church this Saturday evening. The following evening I will be playing at my Tan clan gathering. On Monday morning I have agreed to lead the singing of carols for our division’s Christmas party. So again, I have taken the plunge. I practice the hardest when I know I have to perform for an audience, so maybe I just have to thrust myself onto the stage more often.
I still have many half-read books on marketing, business and management, psychology, social media and innovation. They’re so interesting but I wish I had more time to devour them all. Come the Acmabook 23% sale I will probably purchase more books, and the cycle will continue…
I am finally back in Second Life. Linden Labs charged me US$72 for another year’s membership and I am not downgrading myself now because I’d lose that value (IMHO it is a silly, inflexible policy). So things are back to normal for my Avatar and me.
That’s it for now. I have to wrap presents.