Cats and dogs

Today it rained and rained and rained. From morning to early evening, it was pouring buckets. Wielding my trusty umbrella, I got out of the car and stepped gingerly around huge puddles in the uneven pavement. I made a quick dash across a road on the way to the office. When I reached the other side, I noticed an old lady standing at the edge of a shophouse, newspaper in hand, looking a little forlorn. The rain was so heavy, I didn’t think her newspaper would have done any good, and neither did she, it seemed.
I indicated to her that I could provide some shelter for her. She brightened up at once, and pointed out where she wanted to go.
Naturally, she wanted to cross the road. So I ended up back on the same side of the road as before. All in all, it was quite funny.
And I’m glad I brought my umbrella.


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