Yes, I haven’t been updating this blog lately. As a few of you know, I was quite busy with family matters and a backlog of work that hasn’t stopped piling up since I got back from Vietnam.
Anyway, in the last week:
I coded my first XML podcast file, by hand. It will be officially launched soon, hopefully. I wonder if my organisation is gonna be the first in the industry to do this.
A month’s hiatus from jazz piano actually did me some good, because I’m back in the studio producing music again. The bigger question, as always, is when I’m going to get off my ass and actually submit something to an A&R agency. (Friends are hereby allowed to nag and harangue me to no end, until this happens)
PC gave me a book written by a Singaporean Christian who lived in a haunted house for a year. I hope this will not be a bad case of deja vu for me. Haven’t read it yet as I haven’t had time. Also, it’s not something you want to read when you come home late after work!
I attended an AIDS forum yesterday and it gave good insight into what’s been going on in the region. By sharing our findings and and speaking frankly with each other, we can strengthen our own efforts in the battle against the disease. The same goes for almost any other topic (like the GBM).


  1. vantan

    No lah. What I mean is (and I’m sure you know), open communication is the way to go for anything – for battling diseases, promoting blogging in the Gahmen, etc.

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