Community service

I did a good deed today. I reported a faulty traffic light which refused to let the good ol’ green man come out to play. As a result, a troupe of hat-wearing Japanese tourists were stranded on one side of the road outside my office, with some Caucasian tourists on the other end, looking equally hapless.
Being regulars, Kim, I and our new colleague Gurmit decided to heck it all after several minutes, and crossed the road in the face of traffic. It was very dangerous, since the nearest vehicle hurtling towards us along Cross Street, was about 100 metres away. The Japanese tourists followed us and made it safely to the other side.
Cleverly, the Land Transport Authority had placed a notice near the traffic light, with a toll-free number for civic-minded citizens to use in the event of a malfunction.
So I did my duty.
I felt like a star.
The lady on the other
end of the line
was actually polite.
She asked for my name
and phone number.
I thought I was going to win
the lucky draw.