A musical Christmas

Tomorrow, I will be playing keyboards at St George’s Church, which is hosting a fundraising event for the Missions to Seafarers. We will play a good number of Christmas Carols and there will be singing by old-timers and children.
If you’ve got time to spare do come! You’ll get to see half of the Moon Jumpers band (myself and bassist Richard), our resident church saxophonist Marv Hixson and a professional drummer, also called Richard! Marv and I had a good rehearsal at my place yesterday. We threw in some jazzy extras that weren’t in the programme. Have a listen!
Jingle Bell Rock

Let It Snow!

If you don’t mind hearing the rest of our rehearsal, you can listen to each track individually on Odeo.com itself.


  1. Ivan Chew

    Sounds good! The sax especially. One suggestion — the piano sounds a bit too “regular” (the best way I can describe it). Maybe it needs to be spaced out more, since the sax is the main focused. Just my 2-cents 🙂

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