Today’s schedule

This morning, I intend to:
1. Wake up at 7am or latest, 7.30am after taking lolling-around time into account
2. Run on the treadmill to burn off fat accumulated from consuming too much German beer and sausages
3. Shower and get my hair into some semblance of neatness
4. Have juice and freshly-ground coffee
5. Go to work for a quick meeting
6. Dash off to the film studio and possibly spend the rest of my day at the film shoot. Look out for something new on YouTube, soon 😉
Let’s see if I can accomplish all of this today…


  1. Stephanie Lee

    Yes, I know what you mean! I’ve had way too much german sausages & beer…I think I put on weight after the Berlin launch! But haven’t resumed my exercise regime…soon, soon..

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