Dreaming of my future

My colleague had the strangest dream today. That I got married suddenly, and to a Duke! No, it wasn’t shotgun (and I don’t believe in sex before marriage, anyway). She even gave his name, but the only match I found was a character in a romance novel.
Unfortunately she had no idea what I looked like, although she attended my huge wedding dinner and I had asked her at the last minute to be my MC.
Anyway this is just for the record – ludicrous as it is – just in case something terribly exciting happens. After all, a cell group mate had received confirmation from God that something better was in store for me.
Hmm … Prince William?
*wakes up from dream*


  1. Queenie

    Fabio! That’s his name. Like in all Mills & boon novels. Heh.
    Cool. Looking forward to your royal wedding babes 🙂
    Eh, did’nt know you liked younger guys? :))

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