Launched in Johor

We drove to Johor, Malaysia this afternoon to attend a book launch. The book in question was written by a relative of ours, about a famous ancestor who built palaces for the Sultan of Johor. Some of these structures still stand today.
Since young, all I could remember was the photograph of an old man, dressed in the traditional Chinese fashion, complete with white whiskers. We hear he was a very nice man who never said an unkind word to anyone. Being well-liked, he caught the attention of the Sultan, who at the time was looking to build more palaces to boost his reputation.
Because of this, a kampung and main road was named after him. If you should ever drive to Malaysia, after reaching Johor via the Causeway at Woodlands, look out for Jalan Wong Ah Fook round the corner. The old man’s really done us proud.
On the way home, we spent two hours at the Causeway, stuck in a terrible jam. Tempers and engines were overheating. One driver adjacent to us tried to vent his frustrations by sounding his horn constantly, although nobody could move and nothing could be done about the jam.
Even more motorists attempted to change queues upon realising that their line wasn’t moving as quickly as others’. Naturally, not everyone was able to cut in. In the meantime, we heard on the radio that Saddam Hussein had been captured.
We finally returned home, tired but relieved. I watched some football and was glad to see Arsenal win, and Leeds, well, take the lead. Tomorrow I hope Thierry Henry becomes World Player of the Year. [Update 15/12/03: Hmph, I’m tired of seeing the same people win all the time. Well done anyway, Zizou.]


  1. Jia

    hey, I remember seeing the road named Wong Ah Fook! Fancy that!
    Yah traffic on the Causeway can be a real test of patience.

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