Apologies for not blogging as much. I was horrified to see, prior to this, that my home page had only one post because everything else has been archived. Efforts have been channeled to the INSEAD blog, and even then I am running out of time and things to say. My thoughts for the past few weeks, in summary:
I am glad that Obama has won, in case you didn’t see me dressing in all blue in school to indicate my support for the Democrats. However no party or philosophy is perfect (nothing made by man is), there is a shitload of fixing to be done. I think it makes sense for Obama to send his kids to the best school for them, but at the same time work on fixing public schools. He does not have to react in a knee-jerk fashion to criticism, but still he must be careful not to go back on his word too many times (e.g. campaign funding). Clinton as Secretary of State? Looks most likely, and career-wise it is a promotion for her – First Lady role not counted.
School has been very hectic; I am actually beginning to miss work, because no matter how stressful it was, I had a greater sense of control over the outcome. We have been doing crazy things and the past week was possibly the funniest ever. I will try to provide more details in the other blog when I next crawl out from the rubble of homework and impending exams. I wish I were in the Cabaret considering how I used to write stories (and was President of the ACJC creative writing club – ha!) and compose and produce music… but my efforts are focused on the exams, Student Council and being the incoming president of the Technology, Media and Telecoms club (formerly High-Tech club). Quite a handful already.
Personal life wise, I haven’t been actively searching, but something nice happened very recently and that’s all I can say for now.
My resolution to exercise every morning is an unrealised one thus far. I work late and therefore sleep late, thus am in no mood to exercise in the morning before school. I even dreamed about waking up early and exercising, only to wake up in real life to find out that I hadn’t. It’s a travesty, especially since I have a home gym with treadmill, weights and a cycling machine. Plus my health has recovered so I can resume exercise. Really, no excuses. You may nag me about exercising when you next see me. Maybe that will rile me into actually doing it.
Time to sleep.