Saying goodbye

I’ve had 4 action-packed years at the Health Promotion Board. Yesterday was my last official day. I was deeply moved by the farewell lunch and speeches, tickled by the farewell video and the many kind words said to me. Many colleagues have become friends. The most common goodbye phrase was “See you on Facebook!”
I wish the new New Media team well, despite having little time to brainwash familiarise them with all the work that needs to be done. But hopefully things will settle down now there are more hands to lighten the load.
I will be back, popping by to clear up my cubicle and also to say goodbye to some people I didn’t get to see on my last day. Technically, I’m clearing leave…


  1. Cheryl

    I feel so sad that I am not there for your farewell..nor have a spot on ur video or any of the likes…
    Boo hoo hoo
    I m so bad at art n craft n also at my powerpt, i dare not make one for u on my own…v malu…
    All the best, gal!

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