No turning back

Over the past couple of weeks I have been asked numerous times about my plans for the future, why I’ve made certain decisions and whether these plans can be reconsidered.
My plans have been fairly straightforward. Like any young person, I seek an environment that allows us to learn and grow, where we can be empowered and challenged. Alternatively, we will seek new opportunities and cut our own path.
In any case, I had long planned to improve myself with a Master’s degree. This was made known in writing years ago. Over the past year, I decided that an MBA would teach me many things that I would not be able to learn on my own, at my present position. I was also at a suitable age and turning point in my life. So I acted on it.
God was truly gracious to grant me a good GMAT score and a place at INSEAD, which was top of my list, so I believe it is also HIS will and not just mine. And even though I’ve heard the course can be gruelling, it will also be a great experience, with the opportunity to meet dynamic individuals from around the world.
I believe this is the right move, as I can contribute far more when my passion for certain issues is complemented with added knowledge and skills which can benefit *any* organisation.
Also, I understand that the MBA is not just a piece of paper that I can fling in someone’s face just to show I’m somehow better, or that my opinion overrides theirs, whether or not it makes more sense. Those who’ve worked with me will know that’s not my style, anyway. I will start my course with priority on vastly improving my knowledge, contributing my 8 years of work experience to group discussions, making new friends and creating new opportunities.
And so I stand by my first decision – to pursue my MBA.
As for the other decisions? To be continued…


  1. Ah Seng

    You are a capable lady and we know that 🙂 Though it is quite sad for me as I will only have 4.5 days to learn from you, I sincerely hope that you will have a fun and fulfiling experience at INSEAD!
    ps: Please leave an e-helpline on for me… haha! 😛

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