How to make Windows look like OS X

You love Macs. You use one at home. It runs on OS X, which is a breeze to use and a sight to behold. But over at the office, everybody uses drab PCs. Staring at the screen eight hours a day makes you want to explode. You feel that your productivity and creativity is slowly being whittled away. What do you do? You customise*!

  1. Replace the Windows taskbar with ObjectDock. (Not advised for slower PCs. Also, stick with the free version. ObjectDock Plus looks like the product of some geek who tried too hard.)
  2. Visit WinCustomise and re-theme your desktop.
  3. Download some nice, Aqua-ish icons from sites like this.
  4. Smooth your fonts by activating ClearType (Works in Windows XP. Fool-proof instructions for XP users.)
  5. Download and install the OS X font set on your system

WindowsX looks like an interesting customisation site but the download link was broken. Maybe it got pulled by Apple. Contribute your customisation tips and links by leaving a comment!
*Warning: Not to be implemented in contravention of draconian IT security policies. Not a complete substitute for a real Mac.


  1. Randirainbow

    Ahhhh! Yet another shell for Windoze to operate under. Hey! It’s still Windoze. Put a ribbon around a turd and it still stinks. Doesn’t it?

  2. Renè

    “You feel that your productivity and creativity is slowly being whittled away. What do you do? You customise*!”
    Teehee… it makes me chuckle, in a good way.

  3. John Papola

    or, of course, you could do all this stuff, than throw the Wintel box in the garbage and buy a Mac next time. If you really want to do all this modification to cover up the disgrace that is Windows, you are practically a mac user already. Take the plunge. Keep you PC for the games. Ditch it for EVERYTHING ELSE.

  4. vantan

    Thanks guys. John, if you read my Archives you will soon find that I have recently SWITCHED to a 2GHz G5 Mac. This post is dedicated to Mac lovers who have to use PCs at work, and nothing else 🙂
    Here is my first Switch post, to get you started.

  5. Fatty

    The problem with keeping a PC for games and a Mac for everything else, is that it’s so damned expensive – a high-powered CPU, plenty of memory, and the latest GeForce graphics card, plus the rather high price of a Mac, makes this a very costly prospect, especially for those of us without jobs…
    I, myself, am quite tempted to get a console when my next upgrade cycle comes around – makes a low-cost alternative to a PC if you just want to play games.

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