You’ve got a virus!

I’m posting this in case the friend who sent me an email containing the W32.Bugbear virus (inadvertently, I presume) at about 2.03 pm today, is reading this. Could you kindly check your inbox again and delete any strange-looking emails from unfamiliar sources. And while you’re at it, do install a decent antivirus program which scans emails and web pages as they’re downloaded, that is, in real time.
The Bugbear virus infects users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, who have not yet updated their browser with a security patch. It exposes your PC to hacking and will try to shut down your firewalls and antivirus programs. Hopefully, my system has prevailed 🙂
I use Norton Antivirus, and it’s worth every dollar I’ve spent on it. It immediately quarantined the aforementioned email and told me what virus it was infected with. For cheapos who want a quick fix, try Housecall. But remember that you get what you pay for.
Read about this virus on the McAfee website, which has comprehensive documentation of it.