New email virus exploits Gulf War interest

Before the war even begins, our computers may face a virus attack via email.
The W32/Ganda-A worm surfaced on Monday and affects users on the Windows platform only. To quote from The Age:
‘Anti-virus firm Sophos said it had noticed the following four variants:
Subject line: Spy pics.
Message text: Here’s the screensaver i told you about. It contains pictures
taken by one of the US spy satellites during one of it’s missions over iraq.
If you want more of these pic’s you know where you can find me. Bye!
Subject line: G.W Bush animation.
Message text: Here’s the animation that the FBI wants to stop. Seems like
the feds are trying to put an end to peoples right to say what they think of
the US administration. Have fun!
Subject line: GO USA !!!!
Message text: This screensaver animates the star spangled banner. Please
support the US administration in their fight against terror. Thanx a lot!
Subject line: Is USA always number one?
Message text: Some misguided people actually believe that an american life
has a greater value than those of other nationalities. Just have a look at
this pathetic screensaver and then you’ll know what i’m talking about. All
the best.’
Judging from the content of the email variants, I’d say the virus could very well deceive those who are for and against the war, as well as others who are curious about it.
Which just about covers almost all of us – save for a few apathetic Singaporeans who have told me that as long as it doesn’t affect them, they don’t really care.
Thanks to Dawn Lee (who refuses to reveal her secret blog address) for the breaking news.