A change of mind

In an amazing turn of events, our biggest client has changed their minds and signed us on for another year to design their new website. Hurrah!
The church website is about to clear its last hurdle or two. I’m restructuring lots of content off the existing site for uniformity. The content was obviously accumulated by different people over the years. And the code is vintage Frontpage, with font tags galore. *squint*
Today I created an alternative stylesheet for printing, so the more traditional churchgoers can make legible copies of it on paper. This would be handy for sections which have lots of info like the sermon notes, which people might want to carry along with them.
Ricky will be coming over tomorrow morning to sort out the pages with me. Then Dad and I will be off to Perth in the evening to visit my mum and sister.


  1. Alvin

    *Smile* It’s good to hear that VW decided to stick to your company after all 🙂 So, that means it’s big stuff again. Anyway, all the best for the trip to Perth and advance Happy Lunar New Year!

  2. Hazel

    Hi Van, Congrats on keeping the VW account after all! And Happy CNY! Met up with Randel who says he spends much of his time at work practising magic tricks cos they don’t have very much to do. *grin*

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