Flashed to death

I haven’t been posting much recently, because I’ve been frightfully busy at work. Staring at the office computer from 9+am to 10 pm isn’t funny anymore. This happened on Tuesday, and today (Thursday). I made it a point to leave on time on Wednesday, because I didn’t want to miss Alpha (God knows I need it!).
What was I up to? My ears. In what? A site for a new car, entirely in Flash, that was assigned to me at the end of last week, to be completed by today.
On Tuesday when I got home at 11+pm, my left hand was numb. It was pressing shortcut keys the whole day (cut, copy, paste, publish, etc) and I had difficulty typing the next morning! 😛
Anyway, the site launched today. I know it isn’t perfect (yet), but if you want to see it, it’s here. You need the Flash 6 player to view it, and it’s not because I’m one of those designers who doesn’t know how to publish to a lower version (or wants to show off that I use Flash MX). It’s because there’s video in it.
Let me know if you come across any bugs in the meantime, because I’ll be fine-tuning it at work.


  1. vantan

    Hey. The cold is gone, thanks for asking, but my sister’s caught it, and she’s sitting for her O-levels right now! 🙁
    We missed you at Alpha this week! During dinner, I asked Mark, “Where’s Kristen?”, and he told me. A minute later, Sharon came to the table and asked, “Where’s Kristen?” He started to laugh 😀

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