Now this is what I call, service

[Update: Shaun’s fixed the bug. It was something I hadn’t configured properly. Mint is working fine now. As I’m typing I’m refreshing the lovely stats window and noticed that in 10 minutes, 3 unique visitors (not counting myself) have come to this site. Welcome.]
Shaun Inman will be checking my server today, to help figure out why Mint isn’t working properly.
I don’t expect the rest of my site (including this blog) to be affected in any way, because he’s the maestro. I just wanted you to know, that after months of experiencing ignorance (huh? what CSS) and apathy (we don’t do Firefox) with some local web developers, this is certainly a refreshing change.
I honestly can’t wait to see how Mint will look like on my system!
But it’s time to sleep … the blogging conference awaits. [BTW to others who are thinking of attending the conference or workshop (if there are places left, and you have the moolah), the venue’s been changed to Furama City Centre hotel. The PDF programme on the official website/blog, lists the old venue. ]
This is my third weblog post about Mint. Read my previous post about Mint.