De-filed, part 2

I like to think of myself as a dutiful citizen. I’ve been paying my taxes well within the deadline for three years. Well, at least I think I did that last year.
I just received a letter, nine months after the tax filing deadline, stating that I did not file my income tax and have therefore committed an offence under Section 62 of the Income Tax Act. What’s more: under Section 94, I might be fined a maximum of $1000 unless I file my returns and pay a $100 fee within 14 days. If I don’t comply, I face a court summons.
Oooh, I’m shaking. With outrage.
On my side, having filed my taxes with no major hiccups for the last few years, I might not have printed out the confirmation notice this time. Besides, even if I had done so, I might not have kept the printout since it’s been nearly a year and I’ve moved house.
However I am wondering why it took IRAS nine months to notify me. Not only do I have to dig up all my old records, I now have to scramble to meet a 14 day deadline (make that 13).
Anyway, I thought I had better log in to to check my status. The website is down, and it isn’t looking pretty. The officer I spoke to on the phone said that was because the e-filing period was over. So I have to re-file my returns on paper.
Ironically, despite e-filing my returns every year, no payment has ever been required from me because I haven’t earned enough. I believe I am innocent and there has been a mistake, yet it is assumed I am guilty. I even e-filed early this year so I could get bonus points! I have also spoken to other people who have also been overcharged by mistake, but found it too troublesome to lodge a complaint or listen to an automated voice telling them to wait a while longer.
It may be time to write a letter…


  1. ady

    Which is why I always paper file and keep a photocopy in a folder. I don’t trust the online systems just yet.

  2. Zhiwei

    Hi there, was browsing thru George’s blog when i decided to explore and whoa la! Well, not to worry, maximum penalty is a $1,000. Most prob they’ll impose a penalty of $200 if you are really found guilty of the offence. Their e-platform is not really reliable.
    It’s always prudent to print and file a copy of the e-confirmation reply. Simple reason being it’s a statutory obligation to keep yr income tax records for a period of 6 years. Since it’s legislated, it’s law and you wouldn’t really want to try contesting them. If you really need assistance in writing an appeal letter, just keep me posted. And dun worry, it’s FOC.

  3. Teafor2

    I’m impressed, you got free advice. So kind, this fellow netizen. Free legal advice too 😉
    *chuckle* (now I hurry off to ensure I have paper copies of income tax thingies…)

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