On taking photos

We’ve all had terrible shots taken of us from time to time.
As we grow older (and fatter and more speckled, etc) the likelihood of this occuring increases. Some tend to feel especially self-concious when standing beside someone who’s prettier / taller / slimmer than they are.
But to this, I say: So what?! So what if there is someone else in this world, sharing your photograph, who happens to have some feature that you’d like to have? Unless you’re a supermodel or Miss Universe, there’s bound to be some imperfection somewhere. I expect my highly educated girlfriends to be able to withstand being in a photo where they look less than perfect! šŸ˜›
Of course, my own feelings come into play here. I pride myself on being able to take decent photos. If you ask me to retake (and retake, and retake) a photo which I think looks perfectly fine, it gets annoying and it implies that I suck. I like taking candid shots because people are themselves, not posing with a forced smile. Sometimes the angle isn’t what they’re looking for, but that’s how I usually see them anyway, and I think they look fine. I would never be so evil as to upload a photo of a friend which I think looks terrible.
So pardon me if you felt there was *actus reus*, because I can assure you there was no *mens rea*.
Over the years I’ve felt like confronting the situation by responding, “But you normally look like that, what.” God knows how many times I have swallowed that phrase. I value my friends for being beautiful inside, above physical appearance, and they should have nothing to be insecure about.
I’ve been photographed at events for magazines, and even if the photographer shows me what he’s taken and I think it could’ve been better, I don’t make him retake it. As can be expected in group shots, there is always some other damsel who is younger / taller / slimmer / better dressed than we are. Short of having my bra exposed or an olive stuck in my teeth, the photo is probably just fine. The rest of the world won’t notice or care unless you’re a celeb. If there are other girls who are happily bitching that you look worse than they do, then let them bitch because they’re just insecure and they can think whatever they want.
To re-iterate, I don’t upload photos which I think are terrible. The truth is, **I think my friends look fine just the way they are.** I’m not going to sit around altering people’s faces because they don’t feel pretty. I can do some quick cropping but really don’t have the time or inclination these days to do major touch-ups.
So there. No hard feelings, girls, but I want to set the record straight šŸ™‚


  1. aimin

    we all want others to see how we see the best sides of ourselves. we want to believe that the best sides of us, are the only sides. but in reality, we are multi-faceted with some angles uglier/shorter/fatter than others.
    at the end of the day, no one really cares how we look like because if they love you already it doesnt matter. and if they don’t love you and want to judge you based on your physical appearance, they can all screw themselves.
    as you say, candid shots are the true reflection of not just your faces/bodies, but also our personalities and how others see us. we should accept them for what they are.

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