My life update

I won’t be answering all emails sent to me, though I’ll try my best to read them. I will not be free on Thursday evenings, every week, every year. I prefer not to meet friends on weekends, because that is precious family time.

My priorities right now:

  1. Church work – Alpha and other courses, the church website and all related matters
  2. Work that I am contractually bound to do (i.e. the work of this world). That is to say, my day job and finishing up my freelance work.
  3. Music. Setting up my system. Fixing all the danged bugs on my system. Re-producing my old songs. Joining a band (yes I just agreed to be a keyboardist).
  4. The new house, which is coming up nicely.
  5. <!—

  6. The email I’ve been waiting for … look, I think you’re a nice, smart guy and kind of cute, but if you’re too busy to drop me a line then just say so. I’m terrible at picking up hints and I’ve given up looking for a way to contact you. And I hope you’re still reading my blog, as self-involved as it is.
  7. —>

How’s work, some of you have asked. Work is good; I thank God for my job almost every day, I thank God for my boss, I thank God for my colleagues, I thank God that He has led me out of the valley of the shadow of death and I am never looking back. I thank God that I am doing work I like. I’ve decided that no problem is beyond His control; no worry is so great that He cannot appease; no evil spirit is so powerful that the name of Jesus/presence of the Holy Spirit cannot overcome.

And so, I go to sleep. Goodnight.