Look ma, no wires

Check out the new Tangs website. Though some segments are in Flash, the site is generally easy to navigate. Some thought has gone into product promotion, though they should provide ALT text for large images.
Yes, I was at Tangs today. I picked up a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset for my Nokia 6600 phone. I was about to get the only available Nokia headset, but realised it is not entirely wireless – you still have to clip one part of it onto your shirt, and attach the other half to your ear. I might as well stick to my wired hands-free kit! [Later I learnt there is a wire-free Nokia earpiece but I don’t think it’s available in Singapore yet.]
So I settled for the newer, smaller and somewhat more expensive HBH-65 (read review). After charging it for several hours, I successfully paired it with my mobile phone (which incidentally has already been paired with my new laptop). Loud and clear. And it is quite a neat little device, much shorter than its predecessor. I can listen to my video clips as well as phone calls and it sounds as sharp as it does, directly from my handset.
Oh, happy day…


  1. tiggie

    gosh…am envious….
    can’t wait to get a new laptop so i could use bluetooth and wireless LAN!…hmmm…all the exciting new stuff!

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