A new schedule for a new me

With less than 3 months to the wedding and me wanting to be a generally sharper and more effective person, I realise I need to heal quickly, tone up a little and be mentally alert.
In order to achieve this, I have thought of a new schedule which involves sleeping by midnight (which just passed, oops), waking up at 7am, actually having time to read the papers / check a round of emails / do some light exercise before going to work.
Nutrition wise, that means:
– Having more salads as substitutes to main courses
– Drinking a lot more water than I currently do
– Opting for water instead of flavoured drinks (even if they come with the set lunch)
– Cutting down on coffee! Not more than 1 cup a day, preferably without sugar.
– Getting rid of my overly sweet 3-in-1 powdered drinks
– Giving away all most of the chocolates I bought from recent travels
Fitness wise, this means:
– Ensuring my fractured foot heals fast by binding it up every night and wearing more comfortable shoes as far as possible
– Lifting weights for muscle toning
– Doing more exercises that don’t involve too much pressure on the feet – possibly taking up swimming
Other wise, this means:
– Cutting down on social activities and not staying up too late
– Not taking on additional workloads – I’ve got enough on my plate already
– Planning even more than I already do, for all sorts of things
– Noting down more things than I already am doing, in case I forget with all the additional stimuli occurring as the date draws closer
– Getting friends and family to reinforce what I’m doing, through encouragement and gentle prodding 😉 That’s a hint.
Time for bed!