I won’t be writing much, because there is too much real work to do. This is just to break the silence and let you know I’m still alive, somehow.
Band concert on 23 June. Not fully ready yet, but getting better.
Church website – I’ve been asked to design everything in Joomla 1.5. I’m going to tell them I’m just a designer and not a PHP programmer. That’s not the skill God gave me, as much as I’ve tried to figure things out.
Work. As always. A few big projects coming to a crunch at the same time. Wondering how it can all be done.
Sleep is precious. A few hours a day for the past week. Coming home past midnight regularly. So, so tired but have to wake up.
And the cycle repeats itself.


  1. vantan

    strangeknight – Thanks.
    php programmer – Is that a hint? Heh. I did ask for that aspect of the work to be passed to our developer, but the answer was no because he himself doesn’t know much about Joomla! Together, we have to figure out all the templates from scratch and the deadline’s next week!!
    skerrie – It is not your fault so don’t feel responsible. You are a source of comfort, in fact.

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