Happy New Year. I haven’t quite decided what my New Year’s resolutions are going to be.
I’d like to be more punctual – but if everyone else isn’t, then I’d just wait around like an idiot (which happens frequently enough already).
I’d like to lose more weight. And stay there. But Christmas and New Year were just over – and there’s Chinese New Year round the corner. How could I possibly resist it?
I’d definitely like to further strengthen my relationship with God – though that shouldn’t be treated like a new year’s resolution but a lifelong pursuit.
I think I’ll think about my resolutions a little longer.


  1. Kar

    Hi Van !
    Happy New Yr !!
    Let’s go to the gym together !
    Hubs commented that my arms were flabby 😛 urrghhh, well, maybe I sld get back to golfing (:
    So when are we having a game together ? I’ll rope in my sis too !

  2. a l

    hello! and happy new year’s to u too…
    yes, i am the AL who pinged you on friendster 😛 i have had that account for a while, and have not done much to it 😀 hence.

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