Last days before school starts!

I have been meeting up with many friends over the past month and thought I should list out my schedule here. It has been filling up rapidly.
I have something on almost every day, until the end of July. And I have French classes in the mornings.
I still have 3 evenings available for the first week of August. The week after, my Business Foundations course starts. The timetable states that we should allow 5 hours per day for homework!!! So I do not intend to go out for dinner. At most, I may hang out with classmates especially if we have to discuss the homework together.
The week of 18 Aug still looks clear, although I would like to keep a few days free in case anything school-related crops up. I notice that INSEAD is taking the opportunity to organise visits to potential employers’ offices during this time. I may spend that week hanging out with my new classmates as they settle down in Singapore, if they’re interested.
It is scary how time flies. Soon I will be back in school after 8 years in the workforce!